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     A polished set of cam covers won’t make your VK56DE any more powerful, but it will add a touch of class to the truck engine.  There are quite few good quality aluminum castings on the VK56DE engine and they all take well to being buffed up to a chrome-like finish.  We sand the exterior of each of the cam covers fully with much attention given to rounding over the sharp edges, removal of the casting flash, and excess material.  After a fine grit sanding session gives the entire surface a uniform surface with no cavities or imperfections, the fine clay compound is put to work on the cotton buffing wheel.  The buffing wheel doesn’t stop spinning until we achieve a perfectly smooth ‘Liquid Metal’ finish all over each of the VK56DE camshaft sprocket covers.  These make good mirrors after the buffing if you haven’t noticed by now.  Really adds flare to the engine that draws admiring glances any time the hood is opened.  Don’t worry about clean-up either, simply wash the covers in (Dawn) dishwashing detergent if they ever get dirty.  A swipe or two with a felt cloth will bring back a shine once the dirt is washed away.  So even a romp through your favorite mud puddle can be enjoyed just like always

     This is a quick in-n’-out service where we polish up a set of covers to ship out the same day.  Even badly corroded covers can be sanded down to the ‘good metal’ and polished up like new.  Nissan used a good aluminum alloy to cast their components from, so they hold up quite well and exhibit a great shine once polished.  Just ship us your pieces and we’ll take care of the rest.  Each part is media-blasted to remove all of the grease and grime or fluid residue built up on the inside and inside.  We also take a wire brush to the mounting flange channels so that once you reinstall them you have a fresh surface to apply the silicone-based sealant to.  No worries.  Send us your cruddy covers, and we send them back ready to reinstalled immediately once you open the box.  Show-stopping shine guaranteed.

Your Price - $ 129.85 (Non-VVT Camshaft Covers),  $179.85 (VVT Camshaft Covers)

     For a nice touch on the front of the VK56DE we offer polishing of the front cam covers of these engines.  Both the versions of these covers are available with the same show-stopping ‘Liquid-Metal’ finish.  We take away all of the sharp edges and give each cover a perfect shine all over.  Even with a trip through the mud, a simple soap and water bath restores them a show-stopping gloss.

     The Legendary PD90 manifolds are excellent upgrades for the VK56DE engine and this porting service takes them to the ultimate level.  The complete manifold really gets the full treatment here.  The secondary runner inlets are dramatically modified and opened up more than 20mm at the opening with this service, and the primaries are made smooth as silk and opened up by 2mm minimum.  These efforts are worth at least 50+ HP and 30 Ft Lbs to the wheels over a regular PD90 intake manifold package.  That’s an upgrade that you will enjoy every single day.  Whether you are looking for a manifold to complement a race-prepped shortblock or a manifold that delivers the very best all-around performance, this porting will deliver it all.   

     Torque is what moves a vehicle down the road or the track.  By improving the velocity of airflow through the PD90/102 intake manifold primary runners as well as the secondaries, this is EXACTLY what is boosted even further by porting the manifold passages.  The goal is to get rid of any roughness in the airflow path into each cylinder head port without adding too much port volume to optimize the port velocity and torque generation of the PD90/102 VK56DE performance intake manifold.  This manifold service coaxes even better airflow out of the PD90/102 intake manifold which translates into more torque and horsepower.  Your VK56DE will run more efficiently in daily commutes as well for a noticeable gain in MPG, something most don’t expect from a performance modification but is very nice to have for a daily-driven Titan truck.

     The casting flash is cut away with long-reach carbide burrs inside the ports and surge tank cavity, and the rough texture left by the casting process is sanded smooth and made more consistent from runner-to-runner with this service.  By making all of the ports more efficient at keeping airflow velocity high and free from turbulence, cylinder filling and volumetric efficiency gets a huge boost from idle through redline.  Both ethe lower casting and the upper secondary runner-equipped casting has the same amount of smoothing portwork performed.  The shear mass of cast surfaces in these manifolds means that any roughness along the interior passageways will slow down velocity and limit peak efficiency.  This is simply because of the long pathway of the air column traveling from the throttle body opening to the cylinder head port adds surface friction that can be significant, especially once combined with 7 other long-runner pathways.  By eliminating all of the small amounts of surface friction and turbulence, these ports will now maintain higher airflow velocity (and volume as a side benefit) allowing each cylinder vacuum signal from the engine to inhale more air within the same valve-opening event, and fill each combustion chamber faster and more completely.  The net result is more powerful explosion once the denser mixture is ignited and sends the piston downward inside the cylinder with more force, or simply put, more torque.

     This porting service adds a very nice throttle response improvement all the way through the RPM range of the VK56DE.  It has the effect of producing a natural supercharging effect within the manifold to feed each cylinder a denser mixture each time the intake valves open.  This is very popular with street-tuned Titan trucks especially, because not only does the ported PD90/102 intake manifold make a lot more horsepower than with the factory plastic manifold, but a much stronger torque curve as well.  This directly translates into quicker acceleration and stump-pulling torque generated at the tires.  Get ready to be pinned into the seat once the right pedal gets pushed hard.  Hence the term ’Hot-Rod’ being used to describe this porting service.  Take a good look at the pictures, this is a fully ported PD90/102 intake manifold that is really just what having a metal intake manifold is all about.  No plastic manifold can be modified like this to expand its performance.  Expect at least a 20 HP improvement over your PD90 intake manifold gains compared to an un-ported manifold, and closer to 40 HP more with a PD102 manifold, with torque gains of 25 FT Lbs - 35 FT Lbs coming in sooner and staying flatter.  These gains will be better with more modified VK56DE engines equipped with full high-flow exhaust systems, headers, CAI, and camshaft upgrades, but even without any further tuning this level of porting is worthwhile and adds noticeable improvements in power delivery, pulling torque, and even fuel mileage increases when cruising.

Price - $796.00 

     For a nice touch of class in the Titan engine bay the upper manifold can be polished like this PD90 you see here.  The rough casting is fully sanded and profiled along the mating flange and then highly polished on the buffing wheel for a look that will draw attention from across the parking lot anywhere you park your truck.

Nissan VK56DE Services

Fully Polished Camshaft Sprocket Cover Set

 ‘RACE’ Ported VK56DE PD90 Intake Manifold Service

     Race porting is where the PD90 really shines.  By porting the manifold all of your dreams come true.  The horsepower goes way up, the torque is even fatter and comes in stronger in the midrange, and the sound coming from the engine once the throttle is whacked open will make you smile every single time.  If you could only do one thing to your VK56DE engine a ported PD90 manifold package will deliver the most power for your hard-earned dollars.  Because these tuned long-runner manifolds deliver more power and torque than the plastic OEM manifold can ever possibly muster, this package is killer on the street and does wonders on the track coming off the corners.  Consider this a ‘BEAST-MODE’ manifold treatment.  Porting is at a ‘race’ level here with the most amount of aluminum removed from restrictive areas as possible.  This is where we make the casting really flow as well as it can to feed an agressively-tuned VK56DE engine.  If you have a set of long-tube headers, a full large-diameter exhaust system upgrade, a good CAI, and especially a camshaft upgrade, this is THE manifold modification you want to make your VK56DE really run at its best.  Typically you will see about a 70 WHP - 85 WHP gain over a factory manifold with this PD90/102 manifold porting after tuning or more depending on your other modifications like higher compression, cylinder head porting, and engine blueprinting.  Throttle response will be sharper and torque delivery much stronger at all RPMs, especially so once the secondary ports are opened up. The midrange pull becomes immense with top-end that will have you looking for sports cars to embarrass.

     This is a labor of love for the VK56DE induction system.  A whole lot of material is cut away from the PD90/102 secondary port inlets to make certain that when you fully open the throttle you get all the airflow the VK56DE cylinders can handle.  With all of the cast surfaces inside these aluminum manifolds the airflow needs to have as little resistance and turbulence as possible to perform at peak efficiency.  Stepping up to a PD90/102 manifold in the first place opens up this opportunity for getting even more airflow into a well-tuned VK56DE engine, something which is limited with the factory single-stage composite (plastic) manifold and smaller throttle body.

     On the primary ports connected to the cylinder head, the porting is all about opening up the passage as much as the casting will allow, and straightening out the path of each runner for more uniform airflow between the cylinders.  There is a small taper that we form at the port entrance where the upper manifold is attached which really helps boost velocity and airflow capacity delivered into the cylinder head.  Once these ports are shaped to our satisfaction, each is sanded smooth for a consistent, low-turbulence pathway into the cylinder head itself.  Since these ports are always being used in low, midrange, and high RPMs, their finish and flow characteristics are vital to the peak efficiency of the engine no matter what the state of tune or modifications are present.

     The phenomenal torque delivery with this porting service is more dependent upon the meticulous porting of the longer fixed-length runners than the secondary ports for most of the engine’s lower RPM ranges.  On the long runner port entries we aggressively open them up, shorten their length (only about 1/2”), and reshape them much wider in opening width.  By removing so much material away from the D-shaped entry of the PD90/102 casting, we are able to reshape the opening into a large oval shape that is aggressively tapered and very capable of ingesting much more airflow, especially in the midrange RPMs where most of the VK56DE engine torque is generated.  And once the secondary throttle plates are opened up, these ported long runners deliver a much stronger high-velocity air charge that can be combined with the additional short runner ports to feed the VK56DE cylinder ports an incredibly dense column of air.  This porting is focused on the ram-effect tuning of the long-runner port by forming a more pronounced taper of the entire port from the surge tank cavity through to the cylinder head port gasket surface of the PD90/102 intake manifold.  Put another way, you can pin your passengers to the seat at will, once you crack open the throttle of your race-ported PD90/102 manifold.

    The upper manifold porting carries the midrange torque response into the upper RPMs smoother.  Thorough porting of each secondary plate transition into the curved long runners is important for this transition.  For race porting we open up the bellmouth entry by 4mm all the way out into the open cavity area so that airflow more efficiently supports higher horsepower levels for the highly-tuned VK56DE engine.  Each secondary throttle plate is polished for an improvement in airflow as well.  After being ported you will have sharper response and more airflow into the engine EVERYWHERE in the rev range of the VK56DE.  With this race porting, once the secondary ports open up it is a huge boost to high-RPM horsepower especially.  Instead of the fall off in power of the stock manifold this race porting will keep building power in the upper RPMs and even supports a higher redline with good airflow as well.  This manifold just keeps building power like it‘s possessed .

Price - $1,085.00



Street-Tuned Torque Special

Intake Manifold Porting Service

     We port both the primary and secondary runners for the best velocity, and remove the casting flash inside the lower manifold casting.  This manifold porting is perfect for building more torque and throttle response in the low RPM and mdrange.  This porting is a favorite for daily-driven trucks that need the extra torque for towing and hauling loads frequently in the bed.  The added horsepower the porting produces also makes the truck quicker down the road and on the track, for a real ‘Hot-Rod’ state of tune. 

VK56DE Upper Manifold Polishing

     This is what will set your Titan VK56 engine apart in a crowd.  Especially so if you've swapped the VK56 into another chassis.  By first removing a few mounting bosses from the runners we have turned this upper plenum into a more appealing form that just looks more simple and organic.  Once the sanding is completed to make the manifold shape more fluid, we take it to our industrial-strength buffer and apply some rouge to the surface.  The results are what you see before you in the pictures above and below.  Pure reflective shine!  t.

     For those more serious engine builds we offer cylinder head porting in 3 stages.  From the more street-oriented builds that are destined to be more about maximizing bolt-ons performance modifications we offer the STG II level of porting.  Level 3 is for STG III porting more suited to competition-tuned engines which will also see street usage or forced induction builds which favor a high-volume mixture flow through the ports.  Stage IV porting is most often selected for the race-oriented naturally aspirated engine programs such as desert racing, drift competition, or endurance racing applications.  With more than 50 years of combined experience, our technicians are quite adept at turning the VK56 cylinder head castings into top-flight performance heads that can deliver much better flow characteristics than what Nissan delivers out of the factory.  Because the port angles are actually only a few degrees off what a pure competition casting would have, we have utter confidence in being able to modify the intake and exhaust ports for dramatic increases in both flow volume and efficiency. 

     For the STG II porting, we are confident that the VK56DE will produce excellent velocity for stump-pulling torque as well as a nearly 80+ HP gain across the RPM range to boot.  By concentrating on the velocity of both the intake and exhaust ports combined with opening up the area adjacent to the valve seats within the combustion chambers, the STG II porting really delivers excellent cylinder-filling characteristics and optimal torque production from the VK56DE engine.  Midrange power and low-end torque are the primary benefits of this level of porting, with a modest gain in top-end power.  If your Titan is lifted and has much larger tires to move, this is just what you are looking for.  Expect a solid 450 WHP once a PD102 intake manifold, a set of long-tube headers, and some cams are installed.  Put another way, this porting is ideal for those looking for a 500 HP build that can deliver plenty of grunt down low and nearly sports car level of midrange and top-end with utter reliability and stellar fuel economy.

     With the STG III cylinder head porting, the VK56DE starts to really come alive in the upper midrange and top-end.  Ideal for the builds which are based on higher compression pistons, aggressive camshaft specifications, and fully modified induction systems like either a race-ported PD102 manifold or our ITB manifolds, The STG III porting delivers airflow well beyond the 650 HP level from the Nissan VK56DE castings.  The benefit of having rather generously sized valves arranged in a pent-roof layout, mean this cylinder head can easily surpass even the best LS aftermarket heads for both torque delivery and top-end power potential with the right camshaft profiles. 

Cylinder Head Porting