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     Every aspect of these VK56DE-MTR engine is focused on maximizing a wide spread of colossal torque for getting those massive tires moving in a hurry.  These engines are brought out to the maximum displacement possible for the power levels they are expected to deliver and fortified to withstand combustion loads on par with diesel tractor pulling and drag-racing competition as well.  Turbocharger setups are engineered to deliver linear boost to the induction manifold, while being robust enough for the environment of stadium jumps within the massively complex and heavy tubular chassis of the typical monster truck. 

     The cylinder head airflow is improved to allow very high amounts of power to be generated in these engines especially when coupled to the intake manifold and turbocharger combinations we have specifically developed for these engines.  A pair of cast 316L alloy Stainless Steel tubular manifolds ensures that the pair of turbochargers bolted onto each bank of the VK56DE-MTR engine are well supported and can take a pounding while delivering copious amounts of exhaust gas energy for driving the compressor wheels.  these race-ported manifolds are fabricated for a combination of durability and highly-efficient gas flow volumes. flow

      These engines are quite simple in their design criterion.  They must develop as much power as possible for the amount of displacement which can be squeezed out of the production VK56DE cylinder block castings.  It's all about the power with these engines.  Since the factory block castings are very well reinforced and precisely cast right here in the US of A, this a very capable 2000 HP potential affair.  These VK56DE-DR engines are all about belting out the horsepower as quickly as possible without as much concern for being quiet, civil, or otherwise well-mannered.  Put another way, the VK56 has it's 'beast-mode' activated.

     This is where the VK56DE engine gets some options for induction tuning, turbocharger systems, and fully blueprinted engines which deliver insane amounts of torque and podium- finishing levels of horsepower.  By partnering with the experts of Exclusive Turbosystems and Exclusive Manifold Developments there are no limits to what can be achieved with the VK56DE of your dreams.  From intake manifolds that deliver 50 HP more than stock up to engines that can put out more than 500 HP more than a factory tuned VK56DE, there are options for every level of tuning and budget.  The VK56DE engine has such a loyal following for a good reason, it has potential like few other engines for tuning, delivering torque and reliability that gets the Titan pickup, or most any other chassis, moving quite well in competition. 

Monster Truck Engines

Drag Race VK56DE-DR Engines

Off-Road VK56DE-OFR Engines

     The idea is simple here.  Provide a application-specific engine package based on developing the the best attributes of how torque is generated, power levels appropriate for the appropriate RPM band, and tailor a specific set of accessories which makes your job a less complicated one when it comes to coupling the powerplant to the vehicle of your choice. These packages are generally based on a longblock assembly with application specific camshaft profiles, intake manifold package custom-fabricated to be optimized for the application, exhaust manifolds or headers tuned around powerband goals, dry-sump systems that are compact and matched to the endurance, thermal-stress, and friction-sensitive aspects of each load range, and of course, internal components which are optimized to deliver the longevity, modified friction levels, efficiency of output, RPM capability, and ease of service required for each specified application.

Specialized Application VK56DE Engines