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Transmission Upgrades (Auto)

Level 10 Performance Transmissions

     A World-class performance transmission specialist with experience that dates back to 1973, Level 10 makes several Titan transmission upgrade options.  Their facility is located in Hamburg, New Jersey.  Level 10 has experience in developing performance automatic transmissions for trucks and automobiles including upgraded diesel trucks which are absolutely brutal on transmission parts.  Their experience includes developing a custom race transmission for class-winning Lexus Rolex Cup endurance race car.  Options exist from software for the electronic shifting parameters, clutch pack upgrades, valve body upgrades, and torque converter upgrade options.

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     The ‘STINGER’ has a Level 10 transmission installed behind its VK56DE engine.  It has been rated to the 750 HP level with a similar torque capacity.  A couple of years of hard running and this transmission is shifting just as strong as the day it was installed into the low 13 sec Pathfinder.  Daily drive ability is like factory with firm shifts on WOT runs.  Top-level performance and a factory fitment make this a win-win situation.

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Manual Transmission Options

     Here is a picture showing a 6-speed manual transmission that can be fitted behind the VK56DE V-8 engine with a special clutch, flywheel, and adapter plate conversion.

     With the prodigous amounts of torques the VK56DE can generate any manual transmission is going to need a strong mult-disk clutch to transfer the power to th input shaft from the flywheel.  The SPEC triple-disk clutch pictured here to the right is a great example of such a clutch.  This one is rated for 1200 foot pounds of torque which is right in line with what atwin-turbo VK56DE can generate.  The Chrome-Moly flywheel and billet pressure plate are made to handle some pretty stout levels of clamping force and friction.

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     This late-model 350/370Z 6-speed transmission has found a new home bolted to th eback of a VK56DE engine.  The billet aluminum adapter plate makes this possible.  This configuration keeps the manual transmission conversion an all-Nissan affair.  Having a modern 6-speed to transfer the power back to the differential is a nice way to really enjoy he VK56DE's tuned abilities.  This is an ideal arrangement for those VK56DE engines tuned for 500 - 800 HP with a similar level of torque output.

     To fit a 6-speed transmission onto the VK56 engine an adapter plate is needed to affix it to the block.  A billet aluminum CNC-machined plate is exactly what is called for.  Precise transmission location and a strong, bolt-on solution.  The plate is bolted onto The block with high-strength fasteners, and then the transmission can be bolted up to the plate itself.  The thick (close to 3/4”) forged aluminum plate makes for a beefy, flex-free connection to the engine.

     In partnership with Exclusive Turbosystems and Exclusive Manifold Developments you can have one of these manifold packages or turbocharger systems installed in the Florida facility.  This is where the manifolds are fabricated and each of the turbo systems installed.  All engine work, porting, and blueprinting is carried out here as well.  This is where al of the 'magic' happens essentially.